Wychwood Brewery


9th October 2016 – Review by Andy

I’ve had Hobgoblin before, but I couldn’t resist the funky new packaging the Wychwood Brewery has designed for Halloween 2016. What was slightly unfortunate was that Rob had the exact same thought and we had a swapsie for BeerClub.

This wasn’t exactly the end of the world, as I mentioned I have had Hobgoblin before, many times before, and it is decent.


Hobgoblin has a strong and distinctive taste, it hits you hard, but tastes good. It is a warming ale, fairly dark in colour and a kind of Autumn and Winter flavour if you like. At 5.2% it is strong and it tastes it too.

It invites you in to take big man size glugs, it is not a sipping beer, the flavour dictates you get stuck straight into it.


Drinking two was no problem, I think 4 or 5 would have gone down fairly well! I do however don’t think Hobgoblin is particularly a beer you would want to drink all night, after a certain number the overpowering flavours would get a bit much. However, for a Sunday afternoon, couple of pints down the pub, with a roast dinner, to get you feeling a bit merry, Hobgoblin hits the spot.


I know I’ll meet Hobgoblin again, it’s very popular and is popping up everywhere, it’s popular for a reason though and that reason is simple – it’s very good. It makes me happy to know that me and Hobgoblin will one day cross paths too, it is a beer I very much enjoy and would happily choose above many others.

When you get a chance, give Hobgoblin a go – it won’t disappoint.

I would score Hobgoblin a very flavoursome 7.5 out of 10.


Instagram: hobgoblin_beer

Twitter: @Hobgoblin_beer


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