The Rev James Original



19th October 2016 – Review by Andy

Based on a recipe from 1885 The Rev. James Original is rich and well-balanced with a mellow malty flavour that unexpectedly gives way to a clean, refreshing finish. Brewed using exclusive Buckleys’ yeast this award winning ale will save your soul and satisfy your thirst.


The first thing about Rev James Original you notice is the colour, a very deep ruby with more than a bright streak of red running through it.

Described on the bottle as a rich, warming ale with a clean rewarding finish.


To me it is a very clean and classic bitter type drink, with no fizz whatsoever and at 4.5% you could quite easily neck a few of these in a row.

It leaves a bit of a bitter aftertaste, which is not unpleasant at all and it is a drink you could happily drink for an evening.


Personally this isn’t my favourite, however I have to emphasise there isn’t anything wrong with this beer, but to be fair it is all about personal preference with this sort of thing and it is one I would happily enough go back to.

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