12th November 2016 – Review by Rob

Brewed on a foundation of crystal malt by Britain’s oldest brewer (Shepherd Neame), this robust, complex ale is a skilful blend of exquisite Kentish hops, the finest barley and the brewery’s own artesian mineral water.


Asda labelled beer? Hmmm. This goes against my best judgement but I didn’t pick this one, the wife did. Supposed to be a premium ale, rich & smooth with malt flavours & spicy accents.

Initial smell, defiantly spicy, not so sure I’d define this as a premium ale. It tastes like this was made with a supermarket budget and cost in mind. This tastes like a cheap ale, shallow in depth and subtlety and certainly not rich, not a bad pint and if you find it on special offer and cheaper than branded beers then this is an option, this is a smooth beer think better class than a John Smiths.


Just not sure you’d go out of your way to find this, and it backs up my stance of steering clear from supermarket own branded beer. I’d love to find one that changes my mind, but this one is not it.

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