Review by Andy

This is easy to drink and doesn’t taste its nearly 6%. Not sure why this has won 6 awards, whilst there is nothing inherently wrong here, there is nothing that hugely stands out to me.

A beer that went down a treat to be fair, and one for the ‘try so you can tick off’ rather than ‘must try before you die’ list, decent if not ‘wow.’

Twitter: @gooseisland

Instagram: @gooseisland



6 thoughts on “GOOSE ISLAND – GOOSE IPA

    1. Really enjoyed it to be fair, but yeah not sure why all the awards. Although under closer inspection I believe the last one was around 2011 (could be wrong) will definitely try the rest of their range and review. Thanks for replying & following.

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  1. I sipped on a few when I found myself at a drag show. Don’t ask about the show part, but it was pretty good! Though I think even if it weren’t good, it certainly made the occasion more fun!


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