Young’s – Special London Ale



Review by Andy

Young’s say…

After considerable searching I really struggled to find anything from Young’s or their parent brewer Charles Wells, even under their range of beers there is no mention – which is a bit strange.

About the best I could find was RateBeer who state:

Production moved from Youngs to Wells & Youngs in 2007. Brand acquired solely by Charles Wells in 2011.

Young’s Special London Ale is the UK’s No.1 bottle conditioned ale. It is an unpasteurised, living beer, matured in the bottle for a fuller, more complex, multi-dimensional, fresher taste. Without artificial carbonation, the only fizz is the natural effervescence created by fermentation.

“A wonderfully balanced, deep-golden strong bottled ale, brewed from pure malt and a phenomenal amount of hops. A lively, fruity character with suggestions of banana and orange zest.” – CAMRA Champion Bottled Beer of Britain – 1999.



This is great, a proper beer, great strength, brewed properly and full of full flavour. Don’t bother Googling it cos you won’t find much, however if you see it in your local supermarket, grab it – its great.

Twitter: @YoungsBeer


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