Review by Andy


The traditional brand Schwaben Bräu represents Swabian beer specialities in a swing-top bottle. The typical ‘plop’ sound when you open the bottle is a sign of good taste.

This bottom-fermented seasonal beer makes our brewery the perfect choice for the festive season and the coming year. Our golden Christmas Beer is skilfully produced and is greatly anticipated by connoisseurs. It is brewed in accordance with the German Purity Law and contains specially selected natural ingredients that meet the highest quality demands of our master brewer. Our Christmas Beer is available every year from October to December.



At £1.89 a pop this is a decent enough if you like your lagers, although this doesn’t do anything you wouldn’t have tried before, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it.

5.5% is a tad on the light side for a proper German beer, but this does have a hint of something to the flavour, reminds me of an IPA style beer / bodied lager.



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