Welcome to Issue #3 of the BeerClub_UK magazine. We reached the milestone of 100 reviews on our website this month, we have discovered some cracking beers on our way so far, and we are well on the march to reaching the 200 review mark.

We’ve got another great selection of reviews for you in this issue, we just had to include the Aldi/Harper’s Brewing Co. brewed, Medusa, this particular review has had so many hits on our website and continues to be a popular read, you can find our review on page 6.

We also review some absolute classics in this issue, like Old Peculier, ESB from Fuller’s and Proper Black. Plus we feature a couple of breweries making great strides recently with Meantime and St Peter’s Brewery.

On page 12, you’ll find our second article on home brewing from Grizzly Brews – this month we have 5 common mistakes for you to avoid.

We hope you enjoy this issue, we’ll be back next month with more reviews and we’re off to a beer festival so look out for our round-up on that.

With the sun beginning to shine those beers will taste even better, so enjoy!

Twitter: 384 +15%  Instagram: 107 +24%  Website: 2,201 +37%  Magazine: 463 +97%

Below you’ll find the 11 beers featured in Issue #3 click on the picture to visit the original review featured on the BeerClub website.





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