Review by Rob

The Beerclub_UK tour has taken a short trip over the river into France for a week’s holiday, visiting northern France in Normandy, famed for William the Bastard, aka William the Conqueror, but I prefer the aforementioned, for the bloody frogs coming over to England and taking over the country.

‘Tis was when we was little midgets, weak and unable to defend ourselves, took a few rapes & pillages from the Danes, Normans & Romans (& others) to sort that out, but more importantly – what did the French do for our beer?

Before we start, just to quell a few myths:
  • YES – the French ladies do shave
  • NO – they don’t wear berets
  • YES – they do say ‘ooh la laa!’
  • NO they don’t wear garlic around their necks
  • And YES the Germans do stick cheese in their ears when the French sing.

Now the French despise a chain or global company, so you won’t find Tesco’s selling 3 for a fiver here, only small bespoke companies, something which the UK beer industry thrives on, positive signs. Except Normandy is a cider loving region. And croissants, cheese & baguettes – bugger. There was me hoping it would be like Belgium or Holland… let me see if I can buy some decent, French, continental, strong, beers…

First beer…



Oh dear welcome to France…. Let’s hope I can find some proper French beers, to bring you some proper reviews, in the coming days.

Back tomorrow with an update.




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