BeerClub – The Beginning

BeerClub consists of 3 family members – 2 brothers Rob & Andy and their Dad, Rog.

Every fortnight the brothers would visit their parents for a catch up and dinner, it was in September 2013, with mouths like the Sahara Desert they went searching Rog’s fridge for beers but alas to no avail, pissed off, they vowed that “this could never happen again” so BeerClub_UK was formed.

The rules of BeerClub are simple:

  1. Each member brings 3 bottles of the same beer along
  2. Each member then proceeds to drink 3 beers, 2 from the other members and 1 from the 3 they brought
  3. Members then discuss each beer and comment on how nice each beer is

The idea was to get to try as many different beers from around the world as possible.

Tragically up until October 2016, only a few photos of random beers were taken and no reviews were written.

This changed when Andy decided it would be a great idea to log and photograph the beers, and BeerClub the website was formed.