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Meet The Team


Andy – on the toilet.

Andy is the youngest and best-looking member of BeerClub, some would say the cleverest too, as this website was his brilliant idea then that is probably true. A lover of all things alcohol, his tipple of preference is a blonde beer on a hot summers evening, however in truth he is not fussy.



Rob receiving his Knighthood – probably.

Rob Page is Chief Beer Taster for England, is a multi award winning beer taster for Camra and has been nominated for a Knighthood for services to the beer industry.  He is a leading figure in the drinking industry and has a weekly column in the Daily Telegraph, BeerClub are lucky to have him and look forward to many updates as and when he’s sober enough to submit!


Rog, smashed – again!

Rog was born in 1879 to a young family with deep roots in the home brewing community, at an early age he started smuggling alcohol in the prohibition era in his orange Bug car. Shifting elderflower wine by the trailer load by the time he was in high school, there was nothing this young man didn’t know about alcohol and home brewing, filling up his children’s bedroom with the tools hidden in teddy bears and Scalextric sets, the Feds never knew, when the prohibition era came to an end, he hung up his home brewing kit as the buzz was gone.

Recently he has taken akin to old motorbikes and drinking 2 stroke oil, partly because he’s retired and partly because the 90 years of Moonshine has ruined his tastebuds to the point of where he cannot taste anything but proper beer. Think of Jesse Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard – the character was created from Rog’s true life history, even the guitar playing and rootin and a tootin, in fact Rog’s lawyers recently settled out of court with Warner Brothers on copy-write infringement for a eleven figure sum, he’s yet to see the money as his lawyer has disappeared on a yacht somewhere in the Bahamas.

*Some of the above may not be 100% accurate