Welcome to Issue #2 of the BeerClub_UK magazine. We’re back with our second issue of the year (where has that time gone?) and we have another 11 reviews for you to read and try for yourself.

We’ve got a real variety of beers in this issue, from Guinness West Indies Porter, Birra Moretti’s L’Autentica lager, a Celebration Ale from supermarket giant Sainsbury’s, through to an absolute cracker we found from Young’s, which is their Special London Ale. In our opinion these all deserve to be hunted down and sampled.

You’ll also find an introduction to the ever-popular home brewing world. We’ve linked up with Grizzly – who’ve written us a great article on how you can get started in home brewing.

If there is a beer you think we should review, get in touch. Or if you’re a brewery and would like us to review your beers, give us a shout and we’ll get you involved.

Finally, below you’ll see our current figures for Twitter and Instagram followers, website views and magazine reads – we thought it would be great to see how these grow as the months roll by.

Have a good month and enjoy those beers – cheers!

Twitter: 334 Instagram: 86 Website: 1,610 Magazine: 235

Please get in touch and let us know what you think of our magazine and website.

Below you’ll find the 11 beers featured in Issue #2 click on the picture to visit the original review featured on the BeerClub website.





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